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Our Goal is to Provide a Caring & Flexible Environment for Our Pets & Owners.
  From the Doctor...
My goal at Jewell Animal Hospital is to provide a warm, caring, and flexible environment for our pets and their owners. With an emphasis on great customer service and the latest medical, surgical, and pain management techniques, I want clients to walk away feeling that their companion animals received the best possible care and attention available anywhere in the city!


We offer a range of specialty services. These services require a special appointment.

Orthopedics - Dr. Jay Nordstrom has been practicing medicine for 17 years, and has a special interest in small animal surgery. Dr. Nordstrom has over 15 years of experience in stifle (knee) repair, including anterior (cranial) cruciate injuries, meniscal cartilage injuries, and patellar luxations.

Recently, Dr. Nordstrom has incorporated tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) as an additional method of cruciate repair. This method is state of the art, and is a great option in larger, more athletic dogs. It has provided these dogs with excellent results and shorter recovery periods.

Cardiac Ultrasound - Dr. Dana Buoscio is a board certified veterinary cardiologist. She has been practicing medicine for over 20 years, and has specialized in cardiology for 19 years. Cardiac ultrasound is used to properly access the functions of your pet's heart, and is used to diagnose heart disease and heart murmurs.

Abdominal Ultrasound - Imaging4Pets provides certified ultrasound specialists who perform exams in our veterinary practice. The ultrasound is read by either an ACVR board certified radiologist or an ACVIM board certified internist. Abdominal ultrasound is used for detecting tumors, bladder and kidney stones not visible on x-rays, evaluating the liver, spleen, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract as well as pancreatic and adrenal gland abnormalities.

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  And that’s not all…

We are equipped with the most modern blood analyzing machines.

We have access to internal medicine specialists at IDEXX Corporation for follow-up consultations on difficult cases.

Surgical patients at Jewell Animal Hospital are monitored for all vitals during procedures including "Bair Huggers" to keep anesthetized patients warm and cardiovascular machines to measure anything from blood pressure to carbon dioxide output.

We have access to the latest information using the Veterinary Information Network and have established relations with veterinary specialists from neurologists to dermatologists.
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